Applications of 3D Hologram Fans

3D Hologram Fans are the future of visual advertising because in today’s information & digital age standing out and getting brand visibility is getting more and more difficult. Therefore with increasing competition, more and more brands are competing for the short attention span an average millennial has today. 3D hologram fan devices help you break apart from all the clutter and make your brand stand out prominently. Use these amazing devices to ensure your message is not lost and get the perfect brand recall.

3D Hologram devices can be used across a wide array of branding & marketing activities. From product launches to brand advertising, these simple to use and easy to install devices are able to deliver far greater bang for your buck. It’s time to invest part of your visual advertising budget into these amazing devices. Some applications of these devices are:

  • Corporates using for their branding and advertising.
  • Advertising agencies using this to offer a new & unique advertising style to their clients.
  • Jewelry showrooms can display 3D floating rings and necklaces.
  • Retailers can use them to display their promotions for the day.
  • Malls can amaze and astonish customers to increase footfalls.
  • Nightclubs can become more hip and trippy.
  • Bars can show off the latest cocktails.
  • Exhibition stalls can help stalls stand out with amazing branding.
  • Restaurants can stand out with attractive branding.
  • Car showrooms can highlight floating cars.
  • Builders can impress the potential flat buyers with a floating proposed building.
  • Cinema Halls can use them to promote new launches.
  • Casino’s using them to thrill and entice gamblers
  • Watch companies can use them to display the latest collections.
  • Weddings & other events can use 3D Holograms to add some Jazz.
  • Showrooms can show off their latest product on the 3D Hologram.
  • Companies can display their logo in a fancy 3D Holographic style.
These are some of the amazing uses and applications of 3D Hologram fans. Therefore 3D hologram fans are the perfect solution for all your advertising needs
Please check out videos of various applications and demos of our 3D Holograms by clicking here

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