Why use a 3D Hologram Fan

Visual marketing or advertising is almost always the first point of contact any customer has with your business. Create a stunning display and you not only build your brand , but also ensure higher sales conversions. 3D Hologram Fans are truly the best display device, ensuring your audience experience in enriched.

Shops & Malls

Offline retail needs to become an experience to drive the footfalls in this digital world. Use a display that your customers would talk about and take videos to share on instagram. The perfect tool for Brand Building


Product activations, corporate conferances and exhibitions can be tranformed into an amazing experience for your prospective customers as they see the Holographic effect of our 3D Hologram Fans mesmerize them

Restaurants & Bars

It's time to drive footfalls back into your restaurant. The only way to do so is to give them an ambiance that home delivery can never match. Holographic displays can generate ad revenue while becoming a great talking point for customers.

The Next Generation : 3D Hologram Fans

Maximum Eyeballs

Mesmerize Audiences

Increase Brand Buzz

Drive more Sales

Solo Hologram Showcase

Holo Solo or Holo Wall

From a well designed standalone display in a mall for a product activation or showroom to a display as large as you can image. We here at Majix.Tech can provide a solution for your every requirement. 

Be it Solo Hologram devices developed with elegant showcases and solutions to large size HoloWalls , Wecan provide Solutions to awe and amaze your prospective customers.

HoloWall can be fully customized as the the size required and can provide large Holographic displays 

Holowall Display

Applications of Majix.Tech 3D Hologram Fan Devices

  • Jewelry Showrooms
  • Retail Activation’s & promotions
  • Multiplex & Malls.
  • Pubs , Bars & Nightclubs
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Car & Bike Showrooms
  • Real Estate Builders 
  • Weddings & Parties
  • Airports & Railway Stations
  • Corporate Headquarters and offices.
Demos of various applications of our 3D Holofan displays.
3D Hologram Fan

The Next Era of Visual Advertising with our 3D Hologram Fan

With the entire retail and event industry changing, the user experience has to be unique to drive the customers again back into purchasing. The best way to drive footfalls is to innovate and embrace technology. Visual media are the primary and most effective way to capture the attention of your audience. Gone are the days of vinyl posters and acrylic letters. The world moved on to LED walls five years ago. Now the digital revolution rolls on with 3D Hologram Fan devices. Mid Air holographic advertising is the next big thing.

Any 3D Hologram Fan will attract audiences?

Though our amazing 3D Hologram Fan device is a beauty by itself and can be installed & operated via a smartphone in 10 minutes.  The real magic is having great content playing on the device. We at Majix.Tech can help you develop amazing 3D content which will bring your 3D Holographic displays to life.

Please have a look at a demo installation below

Some numbers of our journey so far

Different Models
Sales & Rentals Done
3D Hologram Video Bank
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Why choose Majix.Tech 3D Hologram Fan?

The best form of Visual Marketing

  • Zero Capital model : rental available
  • Free Demo in your office or showroom
  • Super low cost for purchase
  • Free installations
  • 24×7 support forever
  • Amazing service
  • Upload videos wirelessly from your phone or laptop
  • Play any format of video or image
  • Very low energy consumption so barely any operational cost
  • Access to MAJIX 3D video bank of hundreds of videos
  • And last but not least… 3D HOLOGRAMS to showcase & amaze
  • Multiple size options from 50cm, 65cm, 100cm & Holowall Models

Majix.tech 3D hologram fan devices use proprietary technology which allows an appearance projection of everyday videos into mid air using our LED based visual advertising displays. Therefore giving an impression of floating mid air visual. We use POV (persistence of vision) theory which combines concepts of physics and biology. This unique application of Bio-Physics consists of a belt of high density LED lights which spin at high speed and project your video using our conversion software into the air. This leads to the 3D Holographic appearance. Only the video is seen while the device amazingly becomes invisible

What is the Technology Used in our Hologram Fan?

The Perfect LED based display for all visual advertising

We at MAJIX are delivering the latest solution for LED based video advertising. Move over the boring TV monitors & LED advertising screens or displays and switch to these this latest gen LED based tech which will give you the appearance of floating mid air visuals. Get a far greater bang for your buck compared to traditional LED screens as these devices ensure tremendous product recall and ensure an amazing buzz is created around your brand.  Our devices are smarter and more flexible than your average LED screen with our App giving you full power and control over the 3D Hologram display over Wifi. It is time to use our 3D Hologram fan solution for all your visual advertising needs.

Partners who have Enjoyed Majix.Tech 3D Hologram Fans

Our D2C Verticals

With 3D Holograms being our passion, we have diversified into D2C e-commerce as our main business. Check out our 3 present verticals from the house of brands we are on the journey to create.

Athelas Floss Pick

Oral Healthcare

In partnership with a leading dentist, we are now a leading oral healthcare seller across online marketplaces & offline channels.

Fitness & Exercise

A wide range of workout accessories from resistance bands to skipping ropes, Sweatbands to Headbands.

mvyno iphone case

Tech Accessories

A fashion forward range of tech accessories ranging from iPhone covers to macbook cases to camera lens protectors.

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