Why are 3D Holograms the future?

Visual advertising is the first point of contact any customer has in real with your business. Before even a word is spoken in a meeting, it is the aura and visual display you create which has the biggest impact in the customer's mind. Have a great display and 51% of your sales pitch is achieved. 3D Holograms help you stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise to differentiate your brand from the rest.

Easy to Use

Control these amazing 3D Hologram devices straight from your smartphones. This gives you the incredible ability to play any video in a 3D format therefore giving a floating mid air visual to delight your customer.


Get flawless technology with 100% up-time guarantee. We understand that the 3D hologram will be at the forefront of your display. Using only the best of components which require zero maintenance is how we ensure the best in quality.


24/7 lifetime support from Majix.tech team. Right from free demos at the start to free installations. Once you have the 3D hologram device we train you to make your own videos & how to play them with ease.

Applications of 3D Hologram LED Devices



Retail Outlets


Thumbnail of a Cocktail


Jewellery thumbnail


Cinema Thumbnal




  • Can be used for any & all visual advertising indoor & outdoor
  • Jewellery showrooms can display 3D floating rings and neckpieces.
  • Retailers can use them to display their promotions for the day.
  • Malls can amaze and astonish customers to increase footfalls.
  • Nightclubs can become more hip and trippy.
  • Bars can show off the latest cocktails.
  • Exhibition stalls can help stalls stand out with amazing branding.
  • Restaurants can stand out with attractive branding.
  • Car showrooms can highlight floating cars.
  • Builders can impress the potential flat buyers with a floating proposed building.
  • Cinema Halls can use them to promote new launches.
  • Watch companies can use them to display the latest collections.
  • Weddings & other events can use 3D Holograms to add some Jazz.
  • Showrooms can show off their latest product on the 3D Hologram.
  • Companies can display their logo in a fancy 3D Holographic style.
  • Malls can use the backpack model to have truly portable visual advertising displays.
Please Click Here to check various applications and demos of our 3D hologram device in action.
3D Hologram Device

Visual Advertising in the Tech Era

With overwhelming noise and competition, standing out is becoming tougher in this hyper competitive world. The only way to survive is to constantly innovate and embrace technology. Visual media are the primary and most effective way to capture the attention of your audience. Gone are the days of vinyl posters and acrylic letters. The world moved on to LED walls five years ago. Now the digital revolution rolls on to 3D Holograms. Especially in a city like Mumbai with space crunch. Mid Air advertising is the next big step

3D LED based Holograms are Expensive? Complicated? Time Consuming? Only for the tech savvy?

It is time to bust those myths. This amazing 3D Hologram LED Fan device is none of the above. Anyone can install this device in 10 minutes on any wall. All one needs to operate this device is a simple smartphone without any tech knowhow.  Put it up on your showroom or exhibition stall wall and see the magic happen.

This innovative device will allow you to display your brand name or logo or product in an amazing 3D hologram format with the visuals floating in mid-air.

Please have a look at our small presentation below

Some numbers of our journey so far

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Cities we cater to

Why choose Majix 3D Hologram LED Fans?

  • Zero Capital model : rental available
  • Free Demo in your office or showroom
  • Super low cost for purchase
  • Free installations
  • 24×7 support forever
  • Amazing service
  • Upload videos wirelessly from your phone or laptop
  • Play any format of video or image
  • Very low energy consumption so barely any operational cost
  • Access to MAJIX 3D video bank of hundreds of videos
  • And last but not least… 3D HOLOGRAMS to showcase & amaze

Majix.tech 3D hologram devices use proprietary technology which allows an appearance projection of everyday videos into mid air using our LED based visual advertising displays. Therefore giving an impression of floating mid air visual. We use POV (persistence of vision) theory which combines concepts of physics and biology. This unique application of Bio-Physics consists of a belt of high density LED lights which spin at high speed and project your video using our conversion software into the air. This leads to the 3D Holographic appearance. Only the video is seen while the device amazingly becomes invisible

What is the Technology Used?

The Perfect LED based display for all visual advertising

We at MAJIX are delivering the latest solution for LED based video advertising. Move over the boring TV monitors & LED advertising screens or displays and switch to these this latest gen LED based tech which will give you the appearance of floating mid air visuals. Get a far greater bang for your buck compared to traditional LED screens as these devices ensure tremendous product recall and ensure an amazing buzz is created around your brand.  Our devices are smarter and more flexible than your average LED screen with our App giving you full power and control over the 3D Hologram display over Wifi. It is time to use our 3D Hologram fan solution for all your visual advertising needs.

Our Other Products

Ofcourse we were not just satisfied with 3D Holograms. We went ahead to launch our own brand of wireless Bluetooth headphones. While you are here, why dont you check them out.
Bigger and better 3D Hologram fan

4 Blade 3D Hologram

Bigger & Better

The development rolls on to create a bigger and higher resolution 3D Hologram Fan

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