Congratulations on your purchase of 3D hologram device. We hope to amaze and awe your audience. To help you get started we have created the below quickguide. For a more ellaborate detailed process please refer to the user manual which was shipped in the device box.

The below 10 step guide is to help you setup the device in 10 short minutes.

1) First Step is to check all the box and confirm all components ok.

2) Please unscrew the bracket from back of the device. Then using 2 screws, you can fix this bracket on any wall. Slide the Hologram device on top of the bracket. Please ensure the location is in a place where hands do not reach to avoid any chance of hurt. 

3) Find and Note down the Device ID and passkey. It will be printed on the backside of the device & on the carton of the device. This is basically the username and password of the internal wifi network.

Serial number and passkey example

4) Connect the power supply & switch on. The LED lights will come on and will take about a minute to warm and power up. Please wait for a minute as the devices starts.

5) Switch on the Wifi of your laptop or phone. Wait 30 seconds as your device searches for the 3D Hologram device. Once  found, please enter the passkey as noted above. This will pair your devices.

Various 3D Hologram softwares

6) Download our app from our websiteApps are available for iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows laptop as per your need and requirement. Once installed please move to the next step.

7) Go to the App and press “Connect” or see if device has connected automatically. In phones you may have to select “Device is in Normal Mode” and your device model after pressing Connect

Once the connection is established you will be able to access the device memory. You can now upload new videos or play existing videos.

Screenshot how to upload videos on Majix 3D Hologram

8) Add videos as per your requirement using the “…” sign or add resourse icon. Select the video you wish to upload.

Absolutely any video format can be played on the device. The app will transcode your selected video and upload to the memory. This video can now be accessed anytime and anywhere and played with ease.

9) Click on the ON/OFF button to switch on the 3D hologram fan. It will start to rotate at high speed. Please take care of your hand and that no one is close to the device once the rotation starts.

10) Select any video and press play and see the magic happen. Your video will start to play on the device and you will be treated to an amazing 3D Hologram visual.

This is how simple and easy it is to start and play our 3D Hologram device. Hope you have a lot of fun with it and are able to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

We hope you were able to install the 3D Hologram device easily and fast. Please call our customer care number for any queries and we would love to solve them for you so that you have trouble free smooth experience.

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