3D Hologram with shoe rotating

Majix 3D holograms use a unique proprietary technology, which takes advantage of the persistence of vision theory of human eye. This quirk of the human eye leads us to see limited frames per second (FPS). We combine biology with physics and use Hi Definition lights combined with a unique rotational motor. This enables us to show videos and images as if they are floating in mid-air. 

This simple wall mounted device can be put up on any wall in a matter of minutes. You can download our software from our website and install on your smartphone or laptop. Connecting your device with our 3D Hologram is a breeze and then you can select and upload videos you want to play on the 3D Hologram.

Press play and get ready to be mesmerized and amazed.

3D Hologram Device
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless operation
  • Zero Maintenence
  • HD Videos
  • 3D Holographic displays
Bigger and better 3D Hologram fan