A simple quick guide of Do’s and Don’ts to follow while you use and enjoy our 3D hologram devices. Please follow these simple instructions so that you enjoy our devices and safely operate them.


  • Check all the components of the box and ensure device and wires are perfect
  • Use the designated app to upload and access the device
  • Mount the device on a fixed surface before switching it on
  • Ensure the device in installed in a clean and water free environment
  • Use the correct adapter and power supply
  • Keep hands away from the device
  • Use 1:1 aspect ratio videos with adequate 1% buffer margin on edges
  • Try to use videos with black backgrounds
  • Disconnect device from power supply when not in useĀ 
  • Upload videos only using the app after connecting to the device using WiFi


  • Please do not ever hand hold the device while it is switched on.
  • Please do not keep device near children.
  • Please do not switch on power unless device is safely and securely mountedĀ 
  • Please do not open or unscrew or tamper with the device
  • Please do not remove the memory card from the device
  • Please do not play a still image for a very long time on the device

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