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Visual advertising is never going to be the same again. Use Majix.Tech 3D Hologram Fans to revolutionise your displays. Use these latest generation devices to create the greatest buzz around your brand today.

Use these amazing Holographic displays to awe and astonish your audiences in trade show & exhibitions or malls, lounges & restaurants or airports & metro stations. Every public location can now be turned into an immersive experience for brand building.

3D Hologram Fan

65cm 4 Blade Model

Get the best HD ready displays to create stunning Holographic effects.
Resolution : 720*720
Blades : 4
Color: Black
Brightness : 1200 cdm
Motor : 1500 rpm
Input Voltage : 24 V
Power Rating : 48 W
Memory : 14Gb
Apps : iOS, Android, Windows
Video : mpeg, avi, flv, mov, mkv, wmv, rmvb, mp4,gif, png, jpeg
Cloud Support : Yes

  • 50cm Hologram Fan
  • 65cm Hologram Fan
  • 100cm Hologram Fan
  • Holo Wall

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